Our Facility

Parents and students alike have told us that they can feel positive energy the minute they walk in our front door.

First and foremost, dancers need ample space in which to practice, to stretch, and to perform their best. They also need good lighting, comfortable temperatures, an excellent audio system, and a wardrobe of colorful costumes to inspire them as they learn to dance different roles.

Our spacious studios were designed by dancers for dancers with floor surfaces engineered to support the most demanding entrechat or grand jeté. The newly renovated 8,000-square foot facility includes four large studios, three dressing rooms (including one for boys), a study room, kitchen, and costume shop. Comfortable waiting areas for families and younger siblings help to create an atmosphere of a home away from home that is so important as dancers return year after year.

“The environment is so peaceful and comforting. It feels like home, and I never want to leave. I’m so glad to be a part of ECB.”

Student, age 12