Why Study Ballet?

If you are considering dance classes for your child, you may be asking yourself an important question: why should a young person study classical ballet? It’s a valid question in today’s busy world when our children’s lives are crowded with activities in and out of their schools.

A dance education at ECB provides many benefits. When a child begins the study of classical ballet, she or he is following in the footsteps of dancers in a centuries-old tradition. Here are just a few of the advantages of studying ballet.

THE PURSUIT OF EXCELLENCE. A serious dance program transforms any student, cultivating skills that can enhance academic learning and build character.

HEALTHY LIFESTYLE. In our increasingly sedentary society, ballet offers a great way to stay fit and improve posture. Children who embrace physical education early are more likely to stay active and healthy as adults.

INTELLECTUAL AND EMOTIONAL BENEFITS. The study of dance engages the mind, emotions and imagination. Learning new dance steps requires memorization, attention to detail, and the ability to benefit from a teacher’s guidance.

COMMUNICATION SKILLS. Students learn to use dance as a form of communication, a skill that is especially valuable during the adolescent years. Dance is empowering. It builds confidence and helps young people to find their individual voices, especially when performing for a live audience.

FRIENDSHIP AND TEAMBUILDING. As part of the corps de ballet, dancers take cues from one another and must work as a team under their teacher’s direction. They form valuable friendships outside of their school environment.

LOVE OF BEAUTY AND THE ARTS. A dancer develops a love of beauty through an appreciation of the human form in motion and some of the greatest music ever written. Ballet promotes an understanding of three different performing arts: dance, theater, and music.


Photo Credit: Kate Mercer